KIDWARE SOFTWARE  publishes two different award winning “parent-friendly” Homeschool Middle School and High School Computer Programming Curriculums  for Microsoft Small Basic, Visual Basic Express, Visual C# Express,  and Oracle-Sun  Java.     Both are self-study and self-paced tutorials and neither require prior parental  or student computer programming experience.  All of our Microsoft based tutorials work seamlessly with Microsoft DreamSpark or with the free Microsoft Visual  Studio “Express” development environments.   Click on either one of the two bookshelves below to learn more about these “kid-friendly”  computer science curriculums for Homeschool students:


“Phil Conrod has a passion for writing tutorials and books aimed at beginner programmers and he’s done an excellent job of covering all the fundamentals of Small Basic programming. “

“There aren’t many programming courses on the market today that cater to teaching children about computer programming. Fortunately, BibleByte Books & Computer Science For Kids offer two different “parent-friendly” middle school and high school computer programming curriculums for Microsoft Small Basic, Visual Basic Express, Visual C# Express, and Oracle-Sun Java.  One curriculum is designed for  Christian based homeschool programs while the other curriculum is designed for secular homeschooling.   Both are self-study and self-paced tutorials and neither requires prior parental or student computer programming experience. With no previous programming  experience, I found that their Computer Programming Tutorials made computer programming both fun and easy to learn. Their customer service was also very eager to answer any questions that I might have. This combination  of curriculum and customer service makes their tutorials attractive to both the  Homeschool parent and their beginning  student programmer.”   

“I commend you for the simplicity and clarity of BEGINNING VISUAL BASIC. ”

I like the Computer Science For Kids Textbooks.   They are clearly written and easy to understand.  All in all, you folks have done a great job!”  

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“Recently I bought the Beginning Microsoft Small Basic for Homeschool 3 Pack Set for Ethan.  For the first few days I couldn’t get him off the computer!   I’m lucky enough to be able to just hand him the book and say, “There you are”, his eyes light up and my role as the ‘teacher’ is complete.”

“We have enjoyed the first semester of Java. I have programmed in many languages including Java, and I have a BS in Computer Science. I found this course to be excellent to use to teach my son as a homeschooling dad. Thanks for your great products.”

“Both my daughter and son (aged 12 and 14 respectively) are going through the Beginning Visual Basic Express 2010 for High School Students course as a supplement to their regular public-school education. Though they have not yet finished the course, they have both expressed to me that the writing is very clear and the instructions are step-by-step. They appreciate that the concepts are very clearly defined. I have looked for other means of teaching my kids how to write computer programs and this course is by far the best.” 

“The Learn Java (GUI Applications) For High School Students topics are introduced progressively to ensure that students of different levels can progress at their own pace. Many exercises and problems are weaved into the chapters to maintain student interest and build confidence. Overall, I appreciated your efforts to make the Java product user friendly.”

“The tutorials were really good to use.  I have a very small class of 3 and I found them to be much better than a book.”

“I like the tutorials. They were easy to follow using laymen’s terms.”  

“I think the teaching resources are great. They work very well for a class and it is good teaching & guidance for students to do on their own. ” 

“Terrific product; terrific service. I have never had customer service that good! The people who run this company really care about whether you are a satisfied customer. And the product is good. I’m a high school teacher, and I’m teaching a first-ever computer programming class in our district. Small Basic is a great program for high school students, but the Microsoft provided tutorial is not enough. This book fills the gaps, and provides the information you need to learn Small Basic and to teach Small Basic. I am a very satisfied customer.”

“Your Small Basic books are great!” 

In this age of technology we are seeing an explosion of knowledge in the area of computer science. The possibilities of growth and development with the use of computers in Christian Education are staggering and Conrod’s book is a step in the right direction. Conrod’s use of games to introduce and reinforce Biblical truth makes learning fun for both children and adults.”  

“Computer Bible Games is one of the first of what will no doubt will be a long line of programs and ideas for using a home computer for Christian education and recreation.”

“Third Day Games would be thrilled if every child who played our video games would learn how to develop Bible-based Christian video games themselves. BibleByte Books produces a wonderful Computer Science For Kids Curriculum that we believe will help train up the next generation of Christian game developers. The games industry desperately needs talented game developers, who are also Christians, to help build the next generation of Bible-based Christian video games. Learning a computer programming language early in life will give your child a great head start in the wonderful field of computer programming and give them the opportunity to use their skills to further the Kingdom.”

“I have lots of books about Visual Basic but your course [BEGINNING VISUAL BASIC EXPRESS] is the one where I can understand every step. Thank you for writing such a wonderful course for those new at programming.”

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“BEGINNING VISUAL BASIC is the most user-friendly tutorial I’ve ever encountered. It’s clearly been road-tested; every possible glitch seems to have been anticipated. “

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