KIDWARE SOFTWARE provides Information Technology & Cybersecurity training and consulting services to businesses, school districts and non-profit organizations.  Kidware Software also publishes an award-winning computer science curriculum for K-12 schools & universities and has been publishing high-quality award-winning computer programming tutorials for use in schools for almost 40 years.  We currently publish a series of step-by-step Microsoft® Small Basic, Visual Basic®, Visual C#®, and  Oracle®​ and JavaTM  self-study computer programming tutorials for students of all ages.   We help you become successful coders, programmers and developers!

Computer Science Curriculum

Computer Science Teacher Kits are a fully customize-able  computer programming curriculum for Computer Science Teachers.  These packs  allow a teacher to customize and distribute our computer programming ebook curriculum and the associated source code to all students in your computer science class.

Real World STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Tutorial & Software

Teachers are always looking for real-world STEM examples of  Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We’ve published a tutorial that demonstrate how Science, Technology, Engineering and Math is really used in the real-world. The textbook tutorial is aimed primarily at older teens (high school, and college), ranging from simple logic problems to using calculus to model complicated systems.