Spelling Games for Windows XP

No Longer Available!


In SPELLING GAMES, you can play ten different spelling games using lists of words you input or any of the built-in lists of 1400 words (Grade Levels K-6). Word lists (up to 30 words each) can be printed and saved on disk for future use. The program has an excellent LIST EDITOR for easy entry and modification of words. The games are:

  • LIST REVIEW lets you review the words in your list – hear them pronounced and spelled for you.
  • TYPEWRITER gives you practice in typing skills as you key in the words of your spelling list.
  • SPELLING BEE provides a spoken word (and optionally displays it) and the child spells the word.
  • MAGIC HAT flashes the word to be spelled (and optionally speaks it) and then you spell the word.
  • SCRAMBLED WORD mixes up the letters in the word – you unscramble them.
  • WORD WORM scatters the letters of the word about – you steer your worm around to pick them up in proper order. Don’t bite your tail!
  • ALIEN RETURN   is a Hangman type game. You guess the letters in the word to be spelled.
  • WORD ORDER   asks you to order (alphabetize) words from your list.
  • FIND A WORD   lets you build, print, and solve word search puzzles using built-in or input word lists.
  • CROSS WORDS   lets you build, print, and save simple crossword puzzles

Customer Comments for Previous Versions of our Spelling Bee Application:

“My son absolutely loves this program [SPELLING GAMES] and it makes life so much easier when it comes to studying for test. I will definitely continue to spread the word about your wonderful learning software.” – LL, Chicago, Illinois.

“Before we tried your game [SPELLING GAMES], our son was getting C’s and D’s on his spelling tests. After one week with your game, he was able to improve his score to an A and has gotten 4 more A’s since. He actually enjoys studying spelling now!” – LD, Athens, Ohio.

“Thanks for creating such neat games and activities for spelling practice. My second graders are going to love it!” – SJ, Centerville, Ohio.

“SPELLING GAMES has made learning the words fun for my son and much less stressful.  I have recommended your software to all of my friends.” – SP, Yakima, Washington.

“I am a homeschooling mother and my boys think it’s great that they are able to play that [SPELLING GAMES] as part of their school work!  It has really helped them with their spelling words!” – TR, Edmond, Oklahoma.

“We love SPELLING GAMES! I bought this for my 5th grader and am amazed that my 4-year old loves it too!” – TS, New Braunfels, Texas.

“My son loves your SPELLING GAMES – the multisensory aspect, combined with the microphone and memory games makes it a game that provides benefits on many levels.” – SB, Saline, Michigan.

“My homeschooled son learned to spell with SPELLING GAMES. He loved it. Now our daughter aged 10 uses it. ” – DN, Austin, Minnesota.

“My son really enjoys using SPELLING GAMES and I like the fact that I can adjust the spelling words to our needs. ” – DW, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania.

“My family loves all your software. This software is a great contribution to world education. ” – CY, Tokyo, Japan.

“This [SPELLING GAMES] is an absolutely brilliant program! ” – BR, Hastings, Victoria, Australia.

“Thank you for providing such a quality product at a reasonable cost. My children, 6 and 8, love your software. ” – BH, Collinsville, Tennessee.

“We have recommended your software to several people. We love it here at [our school]! ” – TS, Walhalla, South Carolina.

“My daughter has improved her spelling grade at least 30% because she enjoys playing these games [SPELLING GAMES] so much! ”
– KT, Rochester, New York.

“My sons use the program [SPELLING GAMES] all the time and they consistently get 100% on their tests! ” – TP, Thorp, Wisconsin.

“My kids just love SPELLING GAMES and I loved the fact that within 10 minutes I had input their individual spelling words and they were playing the games. ” – TB, Parma, Idaho.

“We use all KIDware programs here at our school and are well pleased with them. ” – JC, Sioux City, Iowa.

“I firmly believe SPELLING GAMES is the solution for teaching spelling and vocabulary to those learning English as a second language. ” – BD, Beer Sheva, Israel.

“Our daughter got A’s on all her spelling tests last year. And, your SPELLING GAMES program is the reason why! ” – WQ, Slidell, Louisiana.

“We use all your programs at our school and love them! ” – CS, Sioux City, Iowa.

“I just love your programs. We home school and SPELLING GAMES has really put some excitement into our schedule. Thanks again! ” – SD, Barnhill, Illinois.

“My kids love SPELLING GAMES. They fight to see who gets to do their spelling first. Thank you for such a wonderful program! ” – RH, Spanaway, Washington.

“My kids really like this program [SPELLING GAMES] and it gives them a fun way to learn how to spell. ” – RT, Mountlake Terrace, Washington.

“We have implemented SPELLING GAMES into our homeschool program and we love it.” – CW, Greenville, South Carolina.

“I’ve looked at lots of software and yours is the best. You have a great company!” – RP, Columbus, Georgia.

“I love this software [SPELLING GAMES]!” – AB, Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

“We use SPELLING GAMES every week with our 4th grade daughter. I’m happy we purchased it. ” – PJ, Carson City, Nevada.

“Thanks for a great program [SPELLING GAMES]! ” – DM, Arcanum, Ohio.

“My nine year old loves SPELLING GAMES. Spelling is fun for her. ” – JW, Huntsville, Alabama.

“I am a teacher and a grandfather. I find all your programs excellent. Keep up the great work.” – PK, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

“Your SPELLING GAMES is without a doubt the best I have seen. My grandchildren will enjoy it for many hours.” – JS, San Francisco, California.

“Great software [SPELLING GAMES]! As home schoolers, we find it very useful. ” – TZ, Traverse City, Michigan.

“Great program [SPELLING GAMES] – it does the job perfectly.” – TT, Pasco, Washington.

“Great program [SPELLING GAMES] for schools.” – HO, Covina, California.