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Perhaps, back in the 1970s, you played an interactive fiction text based adventure game called Colosal Cave Adventure or Adventureland.  That is exactly what happened to me.  Adventureland, written  by Scott Adams, started the whole 1970’s microcomputer Interactive Fiction Adventure era for me and for many others. For very nostagic reasons we just completed a Microsoft “Small Basic” re-write of the “classic” Scott Adams’ Adventureland Interactive fiction game.   With Scott Adam’s blessing, we made a “literal translation” of the original Adventureland game using Scott’s original BASIC source code as the primer.  The new Small Basic game plays just like the original text based Adventureland game, only this time it is using  the Microsoft Small Basic development environment for kids.  You can read through and follow the Microsoft Small Basic source code so you can create your own Small Basic Adventures.   
This Adventureland Small Basic Game is currenlty in Beta and the Beta is available for current Small Basic customers to test with us.  If you are an existing Small Basic Tutorial Customer, please contact us for more details on the beta testing program.  If you are not a current customer and you want to participate in the Beta Test for Small BAsic Adventureland,  you can order one of our Microsoft Small Basic Tutorials here to get started.
Current Small Basic Adventureland Beta Screen Shot (it took a 1000 lines of Small Basic Code to do this)!