Product No. 187

SCIENCE FAIR presents ten real-world applications of physics and math! For kids aged 9 to 17.  The applications include:

  • LEVERS teaches you about the three different lever types and forces required to balance them. 

  • PENDULUM studies basic oscillations – see effects of changing lengths, weight, and friction. Plots are given. 

  • WATER WHEEL demonstrates the exciting world of chaos. Examine wheel motion as different water flow rates are used. 

  • MOON LANDER gives practice in understanding concepts of speed and acceleration as you try to land on the moon. 

  • WEATHER WATCH provides tools that allow you to identify and predict trends in the weather.

  • CIRCUITS lets you to build electric circuits from batteries, switches, light bulbs. See effects of different circuit types, burned out bulbs, switch positions. 

  • ROBOTICS allows you to study the world of robots using a 2-dimensional, two-link robotic arm. 

  • TRAJECTORIES is a simulation of a flying object. The program introduces estimation and answer refinement skills. 

  • ROCKETRY is a demonstration of model rocket launches – vary thrust, burn time, and rocket mass. 

  • PROBABILITY introduces an exciting field of mathematics with problems in coin flipping, dice rolling, and dropping toothpicks!

Science Fair User Comments

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Science Fair Screen Shots

Screen Shot from Pendulum:

Screen Shot from Circuits:

Screen Shot from Probability:

Screen Shot From Levers:


Screen Shot From Robotics:


Screen Shot From Rocketry:


Screen Shot From Trajectories:


Screen Shot From Water Wheel:

Water Wheel Simulation