Small Basic For Kids – A Computer Programming Tutorial – Teacher Pack (4th Grade)

Small Basic For Kids is a self study or instructor led first semester Elementry School illustrated introduction to computer programming that provides an interactive, self-paced tutorial to learn the Microsoft Small Basic programming environment.  The book consists of 30 short lessons that explain how to create and run a Small Basic program. Students learn about program design and many elements of the Small Basic language. Numerous examples are used to demonstrate every step in the building process. The tutorial also includes two complete games for students to build and try – a text-based Hangman game and a simple video game   This self-study or instructor led tutorial is appropriate for students in 3rd-4th grade.  If your students entering 5th grade or higher they should start with our BEGINNING MICROSOFT SMALL BASIC ​​programming tutorial.​

Beginning Microsoft Small Basic Programming (5th or 6th Grade)

The Beginning Microsoft Small Basic Programming Tutorial  is a self-study first semester “beginner” programming tutorial consisting of 11 chapters explaining (in simple, easy-to-follow terms) how to write Microsoft Small Basic programs.   The last chapter of this tutorial shows you how  four different Small Basic games could port to Visual Basic, Visual C#  and  Java.   The self-study or parent-led programming tutorial is appropriate for kids 5th grade and above.

For Techers Who Remember Learning BASIC Programming Using Text Based BASIC Programming Books – We Ported and Updated Our Favorite David H. Ahl BASIC Programmming Books To Microsoft Small Basic

David Ahl’s – Basic Computer Games – Small Basic Edition – 30th Anniversary Edition 

Basic Computer Games – Small Basic Edition is a Microsoft Small Basic re-make of the classic BASIC COMPUTER GAMES book  originally edited by David H. Ahl.  David Ahl’s orginal programming book written in the 1970s helped start a generation of Game Programmers that changed the world.   The new 2010 Small Basic Edition contains 100 of the original retro character based games that inspired so many kids to become programmers themselves.  All the Microsoft Small Basic 2010 source code to the games is included in a downloadable format.

David Ahl’s “Small Basic” Computer Adventures – 25th Anniversary Edition

David Ahl’s Small Basic Computer Adventures is a Microsoft Small Basic re-make of the classic black & white BASIC COMPUTER ADVENTURES programming textbook originally written by David H. Ahl. This new textbook includes the following classic adventure simulations; Marco Polo, Westward Ho!, The Longest Automobile Race, The Orient Express, Amelia Earhart: Around the World Flight, Tour de France, Subway Scavenger, Hong Kong Hustle, and Voyage to Neptune written in Microsoft Small Basic. Learn how to program these classic computer simulations in Microsoft Small Basic. This “intermediate” level self-paced tutorial can be used at home or school.

Our Classic Children’s Learning Software for Pre-K  through 8th Grade Students

Our Award Winning Children’s Educational software titles (pre-school to Grade 8) that provided computer based exercises in the areas of math, language, logic, science, spelling, and social studies.  KIDWARE FAMILY SOFTWARE has sixteen applications and games that you can use at home.    There are applications to help your kids with homework, applications to help with household tasks and fun games to play.  These programs and games include a Dual-Mode Stopwatch, Consumer Loan Assistant, Flash Card Math Quiz, Multiple Choice Exam, Blackjack Card Game, Weight Monitor, Home Inventory Manager,  Snowball Toss Game, Safecracker Game, Tic-Tac-Toe Game, Match Game, Pizza Delivery Simulation Game, and a Moon Landing Game.  These applications and games became the inspiration for our award-winning  computer programming tutorials.