Fully Customizable Computer Programming Tutorials for Middle School Computer Science Teachers​​


Our Annually Renewable Unlimited User Site License Teacher Packs allow you to distribute the programming tutorial and the associated source code to any of the students who attend your computer science classes. You can customize and personalize the programming tutorial and the associated source code to fit your unique teaching style whether the class is self-study or instructor-led. Since these tutorials are distributed in an editable Microsoft Word format you can add your own teaching text and/or notes around our teaching text. You can also add your own diagrams and/or personalize the E-Book tutorial to fit your specific teaching needs. Unlike other tutorials and books that are paper or just PDF based, you can modify our teaching narrative and thesource code inside the tutorial and reprint as needed. Each Lesson comes with the completed native source code solution in a separate .zip file so you have the completed and working programs at your finger tips. Each tutorial can be a stand alone self-study unit or they can be instructor led and facilitated by you. This unique flexibility for teachers sets us apart from all other Textbooks and E-Books on the market. To see some pictures of one of our programming tutorials being taught to High School students click here. To see a sample list of our Unlimited User Teacher Edition Site customers, click here. ​

The Beginning Microsoft Small Basic Programming Tutorial  is a self-study first semester “beginner” programming tutorial consisting of 11 chapters explaining (in simple, easy-to-follow terms) how to write Microsoft Small Basic programs.  The last chapter of this tutorial shows you how  four different Small Basic games could port to Visual Basic, Visual C#  and  Java.   The self-study or instructor led programming tutorial is appropriate for kids 5th grade and above.

JAVA FOR KIDS is a semester long “beginning” programming tutorial consisting of 10 chapters explaining (in simple, easy-to-follow terms) how to build Java applications. The video game built is non-violent and teaches logical thinking skills. This instructor led tutorial is appropriate for students in 7th-9th grade

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“The Learn Java (GUI Applications) For High School Students topics are introduced progressively to ensure that students of different levels can progress at their own pace. Many exercises and problems are ​weaved into the chapters to maintain student interest and build confidence. ​​Overall, I appreciated your efforts to make the Java product user friendly.” 

“I was looking for some Visual Basic Express ideas and these books appeared to be just what I needed. I bought both Visual Basic books. ​Great ideas and easy to read.”

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