Primary Learning for  Windows XP is No Longer Available!


PRIMARY LEARNING presents fifteen educational exercises for children aged 6 through 14. Numerous options allow for many variations in using the programs. The programs are:

  • BALLOON MAN features fun graphics and tests a child’s spelling abilities in this Hangman-type game. The program has 1400 words (at all grade levels) built-in or enter your own.
  • SPACE RACE is a spelling competition for up to four players. Play two different games: ‘Flasher’ and ‘Scrambler.’ Spelling lists can be saved.
  • HIGHER MATH provides tutoring and practice in multiplication and division. Learn and practice times and division tables.
  • MATH RACE lets up to four players take turns answering flash card math problems. Each player can race at his/her own skill level.
  • PIZZA PLACE teaches logical thinking skills and introduces grid coordinates.
  • LEMONADE STAND asks you to sell lemonade, buying lemons, sugar, and cups. You make your business decisions based on weather and demand.
  • CANDY DRIVE simulates a candy bar sales competition between two school classes. You decide which neighborhoods to sell in – the most sales wins!
  • STOP THIEF! gives you a chance to play detective. Based on computer clues, you decide who the thief is. Different difficulties and print options are available.
  • GRAPHS & CHARTS teaches about line graphs, bar charts, and pie charts. You can build, save and print your own charts and graphs!
  • CALENDAR teaches you about parts of the year. Has tutorial and practice modes. Draw and print any monthly calendar.
  • KEYBOARDING provides instruction in a very important skill in the computer age – typing. Learn which fingers press which keys and take timed tests.
  • KID CARDS has three classic card games that challenge your logical thinking skills: War, Concentration, and Blackjack.
  • US GEOGRAPHY offers numerous exercises in identifying state locations, state capitals, and other information about each of the 50 states.
  • US PRESIDENTS allows you to take two quizzes or review information. In ‘Who Is Missing?’ you learn the order in which the presidents served. In ‘Name the President’ based on clues from the computer (including a portrait), you determine who the president is (type-in or multiple-choice answers).
  • WORLD GEOGRAPHY offers four exercises in identifying the locations, capitals, and other information about 100 countries of the world.

Parent & Teacher Comments for Previous version of the Primary Learning Application

“I don’t think I’ve ever come across such a comprehensive piece of educational software [PRIMARY LEARNING]. I particularly like the fact that the product can grow with my child.” – TC, County Carlow, Ireland.

“Many thanks – PRIMARY LEARNING is a great program and I have been really pleased with it. ” – DM, Jerusalem, Israel.

“I wanted to thank you for developing such a helpful program [Keyboarding in PRIMARY LEARNING]. I’ve looked at a variety of tutorials for my 55 year-old mom and yours is the best. ” – SS, Arlington, Virginia.

“My family loves all your software. This software is a great contribution to world education. ” – CY, Tokyo, Japan.

“Your little keyboarding program in PRIMARY LEARNING seems simple and helpful. The Mavis Bacon program was given to me and I just can’t get into it. ” – BW, Seattle, Washington.

“Thank you for providing such a quality product at a reasonable cost. My children, 6 and 8, love your software. ” – BH, Collinsville, Tennessee.

“We have recommended your software to several people. We love it here at [our school]! ” – TS, Walhalla, South Carolina.

“We love your software! How innovative, fun and creative! We’ve looked at over 25 programs and yours [PRIMARY LEARNING] is the best. ” – LV, Lincoln, Nebraska.

“We use all KIDware programs here at our school and are well pleased with them. ” – JC, Sioux City, Iowa.

“We use all your programs at our school and love them! ” – CS, Sioux City, Iowa.

“PRIMARY LEARNING is great! We appreciate finding learning software that doesn’t fill up our hard drives.” – JJ, Vancouver, Washington.

“I’ve looked at lots of software and yours is the best. You have a great company!” – RP, Columbus, Georgia.

“My daughter loves Stop the Thief! [PRIMARY LEARNING].  It really teaches logical thinking.” – MD, Edgewater, Maryland.

“PRIMARY LEARNING is well done and will be used in the teaching of my grandchildren who are being home schooled.” – CH, Carlton, Georgia.

“We love this program [PRIMARY LEARNING] – most fun we’ve seen. My 9 year old can’t decide between it and Nintendo.” – RL, Plano, Texas.

“I am a teacher and a grandfather. I find all your programs excellent. Keep up the great work.” – PK, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

“I, as well as my nine year old, really enjoy these programs [PRIMARY LEARNING]. Keep up the good work!” – FS, Desert Hot Springs, California.

“I especially like the US Presidents and US Geography [PRIMARY LEARNING] games!! Good job!” – CW, Denison, Texas.

“I really like the programs in math [PRIMARY LEARNING], my teaching subject.” – GM, Hanford, California.