To Provide DreamSpark To Each Of Our Students!

KIDWARE SOFTWARE has partnered with the Microsoft’s DreamSpark program. This partnership supports and advances students learning and skills development, by providing students in middle, high school or college the latest developer and design software from Microsoft, at no cost. Our Microsoft based tutorials will work with both the free Microsoft Visual Studio “Express” version or the Dreamspark Visual Studio 2010 Professional Edition.


Microsoft® DreamSparkTM is a no cost, direct-to-student software download program that provides students with full working professional-level software from Microsoft, including Visual Studio 2010 Professional, Expression Studio 4 Ultimate, Windows Server 2008R2, SQL Server 2008 Developer, XNA Creator’s Club Academic membership, Windows Phone App Hub membership and many more. DreamSpark program licenses the installation of the included software on student personal computer for non-commercial use in learning and research. Visit Microsoft DreamSpark to sign-up with your .edu email address and download software at no cost. The partnership with Microsoft DreamSpark enables Computer Science for Kids Programming Tutorials to facilitate students in obtaining a one year subscription to all the DreamSpark software tools and resources.


Now Comes with Visual Studio 2012!!