Math Basics for Windows XP

No Longer Available!


MATH BASICS consists of fifteen programs aimed at Grades 1 through 6. The programs help teach the four basic arithmetic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division for whole numbers, fractions, and decimals.  The programs are:

  • MATH FACTS lets you learn and practice the basic math facts using the digits zero through nine. Take speed trials and print out worksheets.

  • FLASH CARD MATH gives you practice in adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing using flash cards. The level of problem difficulty can be varied and, based on performance, the computer will encourage moving to different skill levels. Also has optional timer. 

  • MATH SLALOM lets up to four players race down a slalom ski course by answering flash card math problems. Each player can race at his/her own skill level (same levels as FLASH CARD MATH). 

  • MISSING NUMBERS introduces algebra skills – given the answer and one of the other numbers, you fill in the missing value. 

  • ROCKETMAN asks you to guess number and arithmetic operator in a randomly selected math problem – like Hangman spelling game.

  • ADDITION gives practice in adding from 2 to 6 numbers (with 1 to 6 digits each). 

  • SUBTRACTION provides column subtraction problems. The program gives optional practice in ‘borrowing’ concepts. 

  • MULTIPLICATION helps you learn how to multiply numbers with up to five digits. You enter your answers just like you work them on paper – column by column. 

  • DIVISION gives help in solving long division problems. Problems are solved just like you would on paper and remainders are optional. 

  • WORD PROBLEMS allows you to practice solving all kinds of word problems. Has different difficulties and a built-in calculator.

  • FRACTIONS teaches you what fractions are and about different types of fractions (equivalent, like, reciprocal, mixed, simple, …). 

  • FRACTION MATH provides instruction and practice in adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions. 

  • DECIMALS teaches about decimal numbers and decimal math. 

  • PERCENTS lets you learn about and how to use percents in real problems. 

  • BASIC PROBABILITY introduces the concept of chance using decimals and percents.


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