Where do I get Java and JCreator for Free?

To complete any of our Java tutorials, you need to have a copy of the Java Software Development Kit (SDK, also known as JDK) installed on your computer. This is a FREE product that can be downloaded from the Sun Microsystems website. This site contains complete downloading and installation instructions for the latest version of Java. You can also download all Java documentation from this same site. Look for the Standard Edition of Java 2 (J2SE).  The website is:

Our tutorials also use Xinox JCreator v5.00.008 LE as the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for building and testing Java applications. This is also a free product available for download at the JCreator Web Site. This site contains downloading and installation instructions for JCreator.  Make sure you download the free 5.00.008 version of JCreator LE. If the 5.00.008 version is no longer available on their website you can download it here for free.