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Family Home ProjectsFAMILY HOME PROJECTS  
Product No. 291

FAMILY HOME PROJECTS has nine programs you can use at home (the design and building of these projects using Small Basic, Visual Basic, Visual C# and Java is presented as part of our programming tutorial series).  There are programs to help your kids with homework, programs to help with household tasks and fun games to play.  The projects include (Project Screen Shots):

  • Dual-Mode Stopwatch - Allows you to time tasks you may be doing.

  • Consumer Loan Assistant - Helps you see just how much those credit cards are costing you.

  • Flash Card Math Quiz - Lets you practice basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills.

  • Multiple Choice Exam - Quizzes a user on matching pairs of items, like countries/capitals, words/meanings, books/authors.

  • Blackjack Card Game - Play the classic casino card game against the computer.

  • Biorhythm Tracker - Discover your physical, emotional and intellectual cycles for any day you choose.

  • Weight Monitor  - Track your weight each day and monitor your progress toward established goals.

  • Home Inventory Manager - Helps you keep track of all your belongings - even includes photographs.

  • Snowball Toss Game - Lets you throw snowballs at another player or against the computer - has varying difficulties.

FAMILY HOME PROJECTS sells for $9.95. The programs require Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 operating system. The documentation is saved in Microsoft Word format. 

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Family Home Projects Sample Screen Shots

Dual Mode Stopwatch:

Consumer Loan Assistant:

Flash Card Math Quiz:

Multiple Choice Exam:

Blackjack Card Game:





Weight Monitor:



Home Inventory Manager:



Snowball Toss Game:


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