We’re asked these technical questions quite often (that’s why this page is called Frequently Asked Questions!). 

What is a ZIP file? How do I unzip such a file?

When you download a file from our site, it is a zip file (with a .zip extension). This file contains compressed versions of all the files needed to install a program package on your computer. To unzip this file, you need an unzip utility. Such utilities are usually on your computer. If not, go to one of the many shareware sites (ZDNet.Com, Download.Com) on the internet and download an unzip utility. We highly recommend WinZip – it is low-cost and easy-to-use. You can download a free trial version at: http://www.winzip.com

Your unzip utility should provide instructions for unzipping files.  Many times, just double-clicking the downloaded zip file will start the unzip process.  Unzip the file, placing the unzipped files in a folder of your choice.

I’ve downloaded a ZIP file and ‘unzipped’ it. Now, what do I do?

What you do depends on whether you downloaded an application package or a programming tutorial. First, make sure to unzip the downloaded zip file to a temporary folder or directory.  If you downloaded and unzipped one of our Small Basic, Visual Basic, Visual C# , or Java programming tutorials, you simply open the document (doc) files using Microsoft Word or Word Viewer. Also included in the unzipped file are the various programming examples you can open in your particular programming environment.

While running the installation program, I receive an error message that says “Access Violation Occurred” while writing a file.  I have three options – Abort, Retry, Ignore.  What do I do?

On some machines, if a file already exists and is about to be overwritten, this message will appear.  Simply, choose the Ignore option each time the message appears and things should be fine.

After I run the SETUP program and try to run the installed program, I get a message that says the executable file (.EXE file) can’t be found. What’s up?

The described problem occurs when you install the application programs in the same directory or folder the SETUP program is in. Make sure you install programs in a different directory or folder than the one where SETUP is located.

I own a Mac. Is there anyway I can run your software on my computer?

Many users have reported success using Microsoft’s Virtual PC product.  It allows you to emulate the operation of a Windows-based PC on your Mac. The Virtual PC website is: http://www.microsoft.com/mac/products/virtualpc/virtualpc.aspx?pid=virtualpc

Why are your computer programming tutorials saved in Microsoft Word format?  Why not use Adobe PDF files? 

We use Word format for our tutorials to allow the user to cut and paste code from the documents.  This cannot be done using PDF files.

I cannot load the projects or workspace from a Java tutorial using JCreator.  What’s up? 

Make sure you have the latest version of JCreator (Version 3.0 or later) on your computer.  If you are using Version 2.5 or earlier, the workspaces or projects will not load.  You can, however, rebuild each workspace and project, by including the appropriate Java code files.