Our Family-Friendly software and games included over two dozen applications and games that we developed, marketed, and sold between 1982 – 2010.   We no longer publish our classic KIDware applications and games as we transitioned fully into a curriculum publishing company in 2011.     If you would like to learn more about how we  designed and developed these various applications using  computer programming languages like Microsoft Small Basic, Visual Basic, Visual C# and Java you can find out more information at our computer programming tutorial series web page. 

  Blackjack Card Game – Play the classic card game against the computer.

  Snowball Toss Game – Lets you throw snowballs at another player or against the computer.

   Safecracker – Decipher a secret combination using clues from the computer.

   Tic Tac Toe – The classic game.

   Match Game – Find matching pairs of hidden photos – use your own photos!

   Pizza Delivery – A business simulation where you manage a small pizza shop for a night.

   Moon Landing – Land a module on the surface of the moon.

     Bingo Fun – Play one of thirteen different pre-defined Bingo variations. 

  Sudoku Fun – Sudoku is played on a 9 x 9 grid, made up of nine 3 x 3 boxes.

Home Applications

   Dual-Mode Stopwatch – Allows you to time tasks you may be doing.

   Consumer Loan Assistant – Helps you see just how much those credit cards are costing you.

  Flash Card Math Quiz – Lets you practice basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills.

  Multiple Choice Exam – Quizzes a student on matching pairs of items, like countries/capitals, & words/meanings.

  Weight Monitor  – Track your weight each day and monitor your progress toward established goals.

  Home Inventory Manager – Helps you keep track of all your belongings.

Multiplication Facts – Learn and practice the basic times tables using the numbers zero through twelve.