Early Learning for  Windows XP is No Longer Available!

EARLY LEARNING presents fifteen educational applications for children aged 3 through 7. Lots of options allow many hours of learning fun. Included is a Sound Editor program that lets you record your voice (requires a microphone connected to your sound card) for use in programs that provide voice feedback (LETTER FUN, COUNTING FUN, CARD FUN, COLORS & SHAPES).  The applications are:

  • LETTER FUN teaches recognition of the lower and upper case letters, picture-word relation, and spelling of some simple words. It also helps teach letter location on the keyboard.
  • COUNTING FUN shows the relationship of numbers and objects by teaching basic counting skills and number sequences with seven different exercises.
  • CARD FUN has two fun card games that help teach letter and number recognition and discrimination.
  • EARLY MATH presents a tutorial in the basic of addition and subtraction. Each problem is graphically depicted and can be answered by the child or the computer.
  • SNOWMAN MATH lets children race to see who can build their snowman first, by answering addition and subtraction problems. Different difficulties.
  • TELLING TIME helps teach your child how to read both analog and digital clocks. Use as a real clock too!
  • COLORS & SHAPES provides five exercises in learning about seven basic colors and shapes. Learn to recognize patterns.
  • MATCHING FUN challenges a child’s memory skills by requiring him or her to remember where certain objects are hidden.
  • BARNYARD FUN lets a child to remember where animals are in Farmer MacDonald’s barn.
  • MEMORY GAME asks one or two players try to find matching colors, shapes, or pictures on a playing board.
  • PUZZLE TIME challenges you to solve computer-generated jigsaw puzzles.
  • BUG BUILDER is a fun race game even a two year old can play.
  • TIC TAC TOE is the classic puzzle – varying difficulties adjust how smart the computer is.
  • TREASURE MAZE is a fun game. Find the hidden treasures and escape!
  • BALLOON POPPER lets you pop balloons as they fall from the sky.

Customer Comments for Previous Versions of the Early Learning Applications

“My two year old is already enjoying EARLY LEARNING immensely and it is such a wonderful teaching tool. ” – CM, Karnak, Illinois.

“My family loves all your software. This software is a great contribution to world education. ” – CY, Tokyo, Japan.

“Thank you for providing such a quality product at a reasonable cost. My children, 6 and 8, love your software. ” – BH, Collinsville, Tennessee.

“We have recommended your software to several people. We love it here at [our school]! ” – TS, Walhalla, South Carolina.

“As a former teacher, I am very impressed with this program. It has a pleasing interface, is easy to use and understand, and has the options I look for. ” – LR, Hampshire, Great Britain.

“We use all KIDware programs here at our school and are well pleased with them. ” – JC, Sioux City, Iowa.

“We use all your programs at our school and love them! ” – CS, Sioux City, Iowa.

“Congratulations on really interesting software [EARLY LEARNING]!” – CF, Surrey, England.

“I’ve looked at lots of software and yours is the best. You have a great company!” – RP, Columbus, Georgia.

“My wife is a Kindergarten teacher and is very impressed with EARLY LEARNING.  She especially likes its straightforward teaching approach.” – BB, Orland, California.

“Your program [EARLY LEARNING] is great! Thanks! ” – MC, Austin, Texas.

“I have been looking for a good educational program for my granddaughter for a long time. This program [EARLY LEARNING] is exactly what I want.” – MB, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

“My 3 year old daughter loves the matching and ABC parts of this program [EARLY LEARNING].” – JE, Anniston, Alabama.

“The children love it [EARLY LEARNING] and I do too!” – KK, Bainbridge, Ohio.

“I am a teacher and a grandfather. I find all your programs excellent. Keep up the great work.” – PK, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

“My kids are having a very enjoyable and fruitful time when using your [EARLY LEARNING] programs.” – KA, Madinah, Saudi Arabia.

“Our three year old can’t stop playing your EARLY LEARNING games.” – BA and MM, Chicago, Illinois.