Introduction to Unity 3D with C#: Castle Quest Adventure Tutorial

Compatible with Unity 2018 LTS, 2019 LTS,  2020 LTS & 2021 LTS 


So after hours and hours of playing RPGs, FPSs, MUDs, MOBAs, TBSs, TPSs and MMOs you’ve decided to start making your own games. Good for you! Few things in life give as much satisfaction as building a project from the ground up. However, making a game’s not so easy, especially if you’re doing it all by yourself. What will the player do in the game? Is the graphics going to be 2D or 3D? What about 2.5D, what is that? What kind of music and sound effects are you going to have? Is there going to be a story? What about the user interface? All of these things and more go into a game and can overwhelm even the best of us. In this textbook, not only will you learn how to make a game, but also how to manage all of these things into something you feel you can accomplish. For this textbook, you will work on a 3D fun adventure game that called Castle Quest. This fun game is a role-playing adventure game that takes the player through the story of a new world where castles of the ancients stand tall, through the eyes of a common town guard. We’ll be making our game while learning C# at the same time. Sound like fun? Of course, it will be!  We include over 10GB of 3D Game assets for you to make your game including all the 3D models, music, sound effects, 2D drawn art, and more!

Here is a list of features you’ll learn to develop using  this textbook tutorial:

– Zoom the camera
– Play Sounds/Music
– Vary footsteps on terrain
– Code a script to move a boat
– Panning World Map
– Generate UMA characters from a script
– Interact with actors
– Play cut scenes
– Program actors to do different things
– Manage items in an inventory
– Control day and night
– Save Player state
– Quests

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Game Design Document
Chapter 3 – 3rd Person Controller
Chapter 4 – User Control in 3rd Person
Chapter 5 – Models and Wardrobe
Chapter 6 – Mini-map and World Map
Chapter 7 – Actor Animation Controller
Chapter 8 – Dialogue System
Chapter 9 – Game Story and Lore
Chapter 10 – Cut Scenes
Chapter 11 – Menu System and UI
Chapter 12 – Inventory Management
Chapter 13 – Building Levels
Chapter 14 – Game Music
Chapter 15 – Combat
Chapter 16 – Sky and Wind
Chapter 17 – Saving Player State
Chapter 18 – Quest Journal
Chapter 19 – Sheep Corralling Mini-game
Chapter 20 – Populating the Game World
Chapter 21 – Terraforming the Land
Chapter 22 – Deploying your Game
Appendix A – Troubleshooting
Appendix B – Game Design Document

Hardware Requirements:

Unity 2018 LTS, 2019 LTS, or 2020 LTS  running on Windows 10 or Apple macOS. You can build for any OS (Operating System) or platform that you want. You will also need a Discreet GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) with DX9 (DX is short for DirectX which is one way of displaying graphics) or DX11 with feature level 9.3 capabilities. We highly recommend a GeForce GTX 1050+ video card.  You will also need 16GB of system memory and 100GB of free disk space.  Most other requirements depend on the size and complexity  of the game you want to make. Of course, the faster and bigger your development platform the better your development experience will be.  

Get Ready to Build Large Castles and Fortresses to Explore, Protect and Conquer!


Between the Castles Build Medieval Towns to Explore, Craft and Shop In!


We Also Include Building Interiors  to Explore, Expand and Populate with 3D Character Models and Your Stories!

 The Castle Quest Story:

Legends tell of an ancient kingdom renowned for its treasures. Treasure hunters looted ruins and catacombs and came upon ingenious mechanical devices, wondrous magical artifacts, and objects of gold, silver, and other precious metals and stones. They built castles that must have been beautiful and full of splendor in their day. But now, most have fallen into ruin.
All of the people in the kingdom seemed to vanish and nobody knows why. Each town, or sometimes each storyteller, tells their own tale. Some stories say the people died of a disease or famine. Others say that they were conquered by another people even greater than them. Still more say that they attained some kind of enlightenment and ceased to live in physical bodies and only as spirits.
The nobles and royalty hold that they are blood descendants of the people of the ancient kingdom. They are better than the common folk and deserve to rule over them. They can live above the rules of the common and plain folk.
The Main Characters:
  • Naaman: Young and naïve man-at-arms yet curious and courageous, 17 years old, he is swept off his feet by dreams of grandeur and becoming a great fighter, Main Character the player assumes the role of, Harbert needs him as a warrior for the group
  • Harbert: Leader of the small band of treasure hunters, 23 years old, aims to get rich and powerful by finding the greatest treasure of the ancient kingdom, can think narrow-minded on his goal at times, good with a sword but better at using his tongue and wit to persuade others, he mostly pours over maps and decides what the group does next
  • Lilliana: Affectionately called Lilli by her friends, 18 years old, Harbert persuaded her to help him find the greatest treasure, she wants to use her share to help others after attaining some comforts for herself, she handles the group’s money, lodgings, cooking, and other necessary logistical things
  • Argon: Tracker and woodsman, 41 years old, he was ranger for a local forest but it was recently cut down for farming, he was wandering the wildlands aimlessly when Harbert found him and convinced him to join to find the greatest treasure, he talks about wanting to get rich but is really only after having a purpose in life
  • Grathis: Bandit Leader, greedy and selfish, he’ll do whatever improves his power and prestige

How the Adventure Game Starts:

Naaman stands guard in the market of the town of Bassiv, keeping watch. An elderly woman is bumped, notices her bag is missing, and shouts at the young man running off with it. Wasting no time, Naaman gives chase and follows the thief out-of-town. A couple of the thief’s friends rush out to help and a fight ensues. Naaman manages to defeat them, beating the thief badly, and take back the stolen bag. The thief says he has ancient blood and will tell his father about Naaman before he runs off.
While Naaman is looking disgruntled, a woman approaches, impressed with his deed and bravery, and says she’s looking for someone like him to go treasure hunting. Naaman says he has a duty to the town and needs to report back to his captain. She tells him that she’ll be in the Grumpy King Tavern for a couple days.
Naaman returns to the town and meets with his captain. Apparently, the young man’s father is a noble and indeed of ancient blood. Naaman faces trial and jail. Naaman tells him what happened and the captain feels sympathetic. However, the rules that govern the plain folk don’t apply to those with ancient blood and that he should think before he acts. The captain resents the people with ancient blood because of it, but rules are rules and if he doesn’t imprison Naaman up then he’ll be the one in jail. So he locks Naaman up in the local jail to await his trial……

It is Your Destiny to Design & Develop a 3D Castle Quest Adventure Game using Unity 3D & Visual C#!