Our Visual Visual Basic and C# Programming Tutorials Have Been Updated to Visual Studio 2019!

Our most popular Visual Basic and Visual C# Programming Tutorials have been updated to Visual Studio 2019!  Please click on the specific book cover below to see the 2019 Edition of the tutorial textbook.

We also decided not to update our Visual Basic For Kids, Visual C# For Kids, Visual C# Homework Projects, and Visual Basic Homework Projects programming tutorial textbooks for Visual Studio 2019.    We have also stopped updating our  Programming Games with Visual Basic and Programming Games  with  Visual C# and replaced them with a new Unity 3D & Visual C# Game Design and Programming Tutorial using the Unity 3D Game Engine.

All Of Our Java Programming Tutorials Have Been Updated to Java JDK11 LTS

All of Our Java Programming Tutorials have Been Updated to Oracle Java JDK11 LTS!  Oracle plans to support and provide security updates for Java JDK11 LTS until September 2023.  We should also note that Oracle ended Premier support for Java SE JDK10 (the previous JDK) on September 2018.  Click on the book covers above to see the latest edition of each programming tutorial!

Philip Conrod & Lou Tylee’s Textbooks Win In 8 Different “Best Books Of All Time” Award Categories in 2019!

In June 2019, Eight of our Award Winning Textbooks were named the “Best Books of All Time” by BookAuthority!

Our Learn Java GUI Applications, Programming Games with Java, and Java Homework Projects Textbooks Sweep the Best 3 Java Swing Books of All Time Awards:

Our Java Textbooks  also placed in the “Best Java Books of All Time”, “Best GUI Books of All Time” and the “Best User Interface Books of All Time” categories:





Our Visual Basic and Databases was also Named #1 in the 60 Best Databases Books of All Time:



New Unity 3D C# Game Design & Development Tutorial Beta Planned for Fall 2019!

Kidware Software is planning to publish it’s biggest and most ambitious 3D game design and programming tutorial textbook  ever in 2020 for schools!  It will be replacing our older  forms based 2D graphics tutorials,  Programming Games with Visual C#, Visual C# and Java.   In this tutorial textbook named Introduction to Unity 3D  C#: Castle Quest Adventure,  not only will you learn how to make a  3D game, but also how to manage all of the things that go into making a game.  In this new tutorial textbook, you will build a fun 3D Adventure Game using  over 10GB of high quality 3D models, music, animations, and C# source code.  This fun game is a role-playing adventure game that takes the player through the story of a new world where castles of the ancients stand tall, through the eyes of a common town guard.   The first closed beta class is planned for the 2019-2020 school year and a full public release is planned for the 2020-2021 school year. 

New Unreal Blueprints 3D RPG Game Design Blueprint Tutorial Being Developed by Kidware Software

Kidware Software is working on new Unreal Engine 4 Role Playing Game (RPG) Blueprint Tutorial for Technical Schools  Click on the image above to find out more information on this new tutorial project.

Kidware Software Updates All Of Our Visual Studio Programming Tutorials to Visual Studio 2015!

Kidware Software has updated all of our Visual Studio Programming Tutorials to new Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition!  Please click on the book covers below to see the 15th Edition of each of our new 2015 programming tutorial textbooks.

New Unity 3D C# Vehicle Game Programming Tutorial For Adult Learners. Extreme! An Action Adventure Game

Kidware Software is working on a new Unity 3D C# Adventure Game Programming tutorial for college students and adults.  Click on the picture above to get more details on our new EXTREME ADVENTURE Programming Tutorial.

Kidware Software Updates Their Oracle Java Programming Tutorials to JDK8 & The NetBeans 8 IDE!

Kidware Software has updated our  Java Programming Tutorials to the Oracle JDK8 & NetBeans 8 IDE Bundle!  Since Xinox is no longer publishing a free version of their JCreator IDE we have switched our all our Java Programming tutorials over to NetBeans IDE which is being bundled with JDK8.

Kidware Software Updates All Of Our Visual Studio Programming Tutorials to Visual Studio Express 2012!

Kidware Software has updated all of our Visual Basic Express and Visual C# Express Programming Tutorials to new Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 Edition!  





Kidware Software Updated Our Java Programming Tutorials to Oracle Java SE JDK7

Kidware Software has  updated our Java Programming Tutorials to Java SE JDK7.