New Unreal Blueprints 3D RPG Game Design Blueprint Tutorial Being Developed by Kidware Software

Kidware Software is working on new Unreal Engine 4 Role Playing Game (RPG) Blueprint Tutorial for Technical Schools  Click on the image above to find out more information on this new tutorial project.

Kidware Software Updates All Of Our Visual Studio Programming Tutorials to Visual Studio 2015!

Kidware Software has updated all of our Visual Studio Programming Tutorials to new Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition!  Please click on the book covers below to see the 15th Edition of each of our new 2015 programming tutorial textbooks.

New Unity 3D C# Vehicle Game Programming Tutorial For Adult Learners. Extreme! An Action Adventure Game

Kidware Software is working on a new Unity 3D C# Adventure Game Programming tutorial for college students and adults.  Click on the picture above to get more details on our new EXTREME ADVENTURE Programming Tutorial.