BEGINNING VISUAL BASIC EXPRESS is a semester long self-study” beginning” programming tutorial consisting of 10 Chapters <Table of Contents> explaining (in simple, easy-to-follow terms) how to build a Visual Basic Express Windows application. Students learn about project design, the Visual Basic Express toolbox, and many elements of the BASIC language.  Numerous examples are used to demonstrate every step in the building process.  The tutorial also includes several detailed computer projects for students to build and try.​

These projects include a number guessing game, card game, allowance calculator, drawing program, state capitals game, and a couple of video games like Pong.  We now include several college prep bonus projects including a  loan calculator,   portfolio manager,  and checkbook balancer <Project Screen Shots>.

BEGINNING VISUAL BASIC EXPRESS is presented using a combination of over 400 pages  of course notes and actual Visual Basic Express examples.   No prior programming experience is necessary, but familiarity with doing common tasks using Microsoft Windows is expected.​

The course requires either Windows 7 or Windows 8, ability to view and print documents saved in Microsoft Word format, and Visual Basic 2012 Express (the course can also be completed using Visual Basic 2012).    If you are looking for our newest Beginning Visual Basic 2015 Edition Tutorial click HERE.


This tutorial is currently delivered in a Microsoft Word and Acrobat PDF format. The PDF version of this book is downloadable to any portable device that can view the Acrobat PDF format.   The entire E-Book and/or selected chapters can be printed on your local printer and/or viewed on your computer screen. The E-Books can be downloaded from our website immediately after purchase.   We compress the download files using a .zip format to help reduce the size of files for faster downloading.

We also sell this unique E-Book Tutorial in a Unlimited User Annual Site License Teacher Edition. Our Teacher Edition allows you to distribute the tutorial and source code to any of the students who attend your computer science class.You can customize and personalize the tutorial and the associated source code to fit your unique teaching style whether the class is self study or instructor led. Since this Tutorial is distributed in an editable Microsoft Word format you can add your own teaching text and/or notes around our teaching text.You can add your own diagrams and/or personalize the E-Book tutorial to fit your specific teaching needs. Unlike other Tutorials that are paper or PDF based, you can modify our teaching narrative and source code inside the tutorial and reprint as needed. This unique flexibility sets us apart from all other tutorials on the market.

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