Philip Conrod

has been programming computers since 1977 after he borrowed a micro-computer from his middle school math teacher over a long summer school break.   During high school he attended a two year Computer Programming for Business Certificate program at WarrenTech where he graduated with honors in 1982.    Since then, Philip has authored, co-authored and edited numerous computer programming books for beginners.   Philip also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems and a Master’s certificate in the Essentials of Business Development from Regis University.   In addition, Philip has also held various Information Technology leadership roles in companies like Sundstrand Aerospace, Safeco Insurance, FamilyLife, Kenworth Truck Company, and PACCAR Inc.   Today, Philip serves as the Chief Information Officer for a large manufacturing company based in Seattle, Washington.     In his spare time, Philip still enjoys publishing computer programming books and serves as the Publisher & President of KIDWARE SOFTWARE, LLC.   Philip and his lovely family live in Maple Valley, Washington.

Lou Tylee

holds BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Electrical Engineering.  Lou has been programming computers since 1969 when he took his first Fortran course in college.  He has written software to control suspensions for high speed ground vehicles, monitor nuclear power plants, lower noise levels in commercial jetliners, compute takeoff speeds for jetliners, locate and identify air and ground traffic and to let kids count bunnies, learn how to spell and do math problems. He has written several on-line texts teaching Visual Basic, Visual C# and Java to thousands of people.  He taught a beginning Visual Basic course for over 15 years at a major university.    Currently, Lou works as an engineer at a major Seattle aerospace firm.   Lou and his family live in Seattle, Washington.

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