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Back in July of 1973, David Ahl changed the programming world by publishing his landmark BASIC programming book for DEC called  “101 Basic Computer Games Book”.  Five years later David would re-publish the work as BASIC Computer Games – The Microcomputer Edition.  For many of us old programmers, we still remember staying up all night typing in the BASIC games listed out in each of his wonderful books.  We wanted so much to see our new microcomputers dance and sing back then.  Unfortunately, our new microcomputers really didn’t know how to dance and sing because the programs were all character-based and the computers could only beep at us in monotone.

With Microsoft Small Basic for Beginners we can re-live the glory days of kid-friendly BASIC programming.  Isn’t it time to show your kids and grand-kids why we all fell in love with computers in the first place!  Microsoft Small Basic makes programming fun again for kids of all ages!  Philip Conrod and Lou Tylee teamed up with David Ahl to remind us of the glory days of BASIC programming with this special 40th Anniversary Microsoft Small Basic Edition.

Our new “Basic Computer Games – Small Basic Edition” book is a Small Basic translation of the original “BASIC Computer Games” book originally edited by David Ahl.  Click on the book icon below to see a <sample chapter> which includes a sample new “Small” Basic version of a game from the new Small Basic Computer Games E-Book.  To view a complete list of the Small Basic Games included, click here.​

The  Basic Computer Games: Small Basic Edition book includes an updated 2010 Forward by David H. Ahl  where he reflects on the last 30 years of computer gaming since he wrote his original Book Forward decades before.  This edition also includes all the original “GOTO” subroutines for your nostalgic programming enjoyment. To read an interesting debate on why GOTO is still used in Microsoft Small Basic click on this article written by the author of Microsoft Small Basic

We also sell the  Beginning Microsoft Small Basic Programming Tutorial which is designed for beginners who have not programmed in Microsoft Small Basic before.

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The Beginning Small Basic Programming Tutorial by Philip Conrod and Lou Tylee is a fun read and covers all the fundamentals of Small Basic programming.  I would recommend it to all my friends who want to learn Small Basic.  They do a great job explaining Small Basic programming in an easy to read self-paced tutorial.  I liked it so much,  I bought one for myself!”

“Today, 2010, we can think of the computer gaming world as a huge funnel. Entering the top are hundreds of millions of game players. Some are way more serious than others and play practically every waking hour, but they are basically game players. As we get down to the spout, we find that a small number of players are becoming programmers. What does it take to go from being a player to being a programmer? Well, reading a book like this is a good first step.”

“I picked up the “Basic Computer Games: Microsoft Small Basic Edition” book. I’ve been teaching my kids (12 years old and 10 years old) how to program and I remember many of these programs from when I was just learning. This book introduces all of the core programming skills necessary to launch the interest and passion for more advanced programming and it does so in a fun, easy way. My kids love it. We use the book at home.” 

“Your Small Basic books are great!”