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Where Do I Get Visual Basic .NET?

To complete any of our Visual Basic .NET tutorials, you need to have a copy of Microsoft Visual Basic .NET installed on your computer. This is a separate product that must be purchased. Microsoft has discontinued the production of Visual Basic .NET, replacing it with their new products Visual Basic 2005/2008/2010. We offer tutorials using both the old and new products (for information on each, go to our home page).  

If you want to use one of our Visual Basic .NET (not the same as Visual Basic 2005/2008/2010) tutorials and require Visual Basic .NET, we suggest going to used software stores in your area or purchase from an individual. Visual Basic .NET also can often be found at one of the many auction sites on the internet.  eBay.Com is one possible site:

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You can use either the stand-alone Visual Basic .NET product (the cheaper alternative) or the Visual Basic .NET that is part of the Visual Studio .NET suite. We recommend Visual Studio .NET for 'serious' programmers. Although more costly, it has no limitations. The stand-alone product does not include the Visual Basic 6 upgrade wizard (including compatibility libraries), the Setup Wizard Project, SQL Server support, ability to create mobile applications, ability to create custom controls or use of Crystal Reports.