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Math Basics Site License

For educational institutions, KIDware offers site licenses for Math Basics to help alleviate the costs of installing software on multiple computers. The cost for a site license depends on the number of copies (installations) desired. The current license pricing structure is:

1 Copy: $14.95
2 - 15 Copies: $12.50 each
16 - 25 Copies: $10.00 each
Over 25 Copies: $250.00 total cost (allows unlimited  installations!)

If the software is to be installed on a network, each computer connected to the network that will use the software is considered a single installation or copy. Shipping and handling for a site license (regardless of the number of copies) is $5.00.  Each license includes one (1) electronic copy (CD-ROM) of the software. The licensed school may make the specified number of installations of the purchased software. Each license applies to a single school. District licenses are available.  We also offer a special multi-title license that allows unlimited installation of all  KIDware educational and family titles for a single license price of just $500. 

Due to pricing differences and need for specific school information, licenses cannot be purchased on-line. You may FAX, E-mail or mail your license order using:

PO Box 28234
Seattle, WA 98118-8234
FAX (508) 464-0455

Please provide the following information with your purchase order, check, or credit card information (card number, expiration date and security code):

Name of school
Address of school
School contact
Contact phone number
Product desired
Number of copies (installations) desired

Site license stock number is:
CD286 Math Basics Site License (CD-ROM)

Please add $9.95 shipping and handling for each license ordered.  The software and license agreement(s) will be sent directly to the contact at the licensed school.  We can arrange 30 day, no obligation, previews for any of our licensed titles - contact us for information.

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