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KID'S TYPING SKILLS Computer Science For Kids and Teens Programming Tutorials

KID'S TYPING SKILLS helps you master a skill needed in today's computer oriented world and the best part - it's FREE!   KID'S TYPING SKILLS is provided free of charge for several different reasons.  First, we hope to improve you or your student's typing skills and speed.  Second, you will need fast touch typing skills to become a really good computer programmer.  If you are a parent of a kid (ages 10+) and want them to learn how to  program a computer in a "easy to learn" way, check out our our SMALL BASIC FOR KIDS Visual Basic Express for Kids, VISUAL C# FOR KIDS, or OUR Java FOR KIDS computer programming tutorials.   If you are an adult and want to learn computer programming at home check out our www.KidwareSoftware.com website for the absolute beginning programming adult.  These tutorials are all self-study and require no previous computer programming experience!  You also may be interested in some of our other Children's learning games for kids.  All of them can be used for free 10 times before you are required to purchase them.  We also offer real world math tutorials for High School Students and computer based math programs for practicing math equations. We hope you enjoy our free Kid's Typing Skills  program. 

KID'S TYPING SKILLS will help you learn keyboarding, or typing (as it was called when typewriters were the major method of putting words on paper). You can learn about the keyboard and which finger presses which key. Practice with keyboard drills, character drills, and word drills. Take timed tests to determine and improve your typing speed.


KID'S TYPING SKILLS will run under any Microsoft Windows operating system. Use the link below to download KID'S TYPING SKILLS to your computer. Download the zip file to a temporary folder. After unzipping the file, run the SETUP.EXE program to install KID'S TYPING SKILLS.

Download 'Kid's Typing Skills' (File Size: 2.2 MB)


Need help installing Kid's Typing Skills? Check our FAQs.

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