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Math Basics User Comments

"What a great program [MATH BASICS]!
- ED, Cleveland, Ohio.

"Thank you for MATH BASICS. My daughter has had trouble with her times tables, but now she is on the computer every night studying - more fun than her books! "
- PG, New Brunswick, Canada.

"My family loves all your software. This software is a great contribution to world education. "
- CY, Tokyo, Japan.

"Thank you for providing such a quality product at a reasonable cost. My children, 6 and 8, love your software. "
- BH, Collinsville, Tennessee.

"We have recommended your software to several people. We love it here at [our school]! "
- TS, Walhalla, South Carolina.

"We use all KIDware programs here at our school and are well pleased with them. "
- JC, Sioux City, Iowa.

"We use all your programs at our school and love them! "
- CS, Sioux City, Iowa.

"My wife and I are elementary school teachers. We think this software [MATH BASICS] is great! "
- UC, Fort Worth, Texas.

"We are enjoying your product [MATH BASICS] very much. It is exactly what I was looking for and a great price too!"
- SC, Calistoga, California.

"I love your MATH BASICS program - it is helping me study for my GED. "
- TC, Pampa, Texas.

"Both my daughters, age 5 and 7, enjoy it [MATH BASICS] very much and love the challenge. "
- AW, Abilene, Texas.

"I've looked at lots of software and yours is the best. You have a great company!"
- RP, Columbus, Georgia.

"I love this software [MATH BASICS] and will be recommending it to my friends! "
- CF, Milford, Delaware.

"This is exactly the type program I wanted [MATH BASICS] - real learning."
- BS, Spring Grove, Pennsylvania.

"I am a teacher and a grandfather. I find all your programs excellent. Keep up the great work."
- PK, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

"I have downloaded hundreds of math programs - your MATH BASICS is the best."
- NR, Davis, California.

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